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Web Design and Development

A website in an essential part of starting your business whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, small business owner or a corporation.  Research shows a direct correlation between a website and sales growth. Creating a website for your business adds prestige and value to your brand name.  In addition, your business can be located at various search engines which provides you with a competitive edge or help you enter the competition race.

Our web design and development services in Bahrain follows international standards and modern trends. If you are an NGO or a Charitable organization, please email us directly at info@rushdy.co for special rates.

Content Management

We provide our clients with various types of CMS depending on their preferred platform whether using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix or customized.


In designing the website, we ensure in providing a fluid layout in order to accommodate various screen sizes whether on desktops, laptops, tablets or smart phones.

Domain and

We partner with global, secure and trustworthy service provides for either a shared or dedicated servers. All our package includes a free domain and hosting for 1 year. 

Meta tags and Google Content Submission

While developing your website, we pay close attention to the content placement and ensure that it our slugs, meta tags and page titles are in coordination with your requirements and upon completion, we submit your sitemap to major search engines.


We setup analytical tools for all our clients to be able to view their visitors locations, acquisitions’ and behaviors while browsing their website. 


Branding is not about choosing random colors, logo, and letterheads based on how good they appear. Its core is in the meaning they hold and how your message can be well delivered and understood by your audience. Products or services do not speak for themselves, the audience do judge a book by its cover.

A strong brand is invaluable and it’s a strong element in having a competitive advantage. It’s important to spend time investing in research to define and build your brand. After all, your brand is the source of promise to your consumer. It’s a foundational piece in your marketing communication and an element you do not want to be without.

At MAVOP, we make sure that your brand is consistent and well-presented to your target audience. The small details in the color schemes, fonts, logo, and website are what makes your audience give you a call of interest.


Logo Design

Business Cards




Digital Signage

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Social media is a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with Internet access especially in Bahrain. Increased communication for organizations fosters brand awareness and often, improved customer service.

Social media marketing programs usually centre on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. A corporate message spreads from user to user and presumably resonates because it appears to come from a trusted, third-party source, as opposed to the brand or company itself.

MAVOP works with its clients to reach its target segment on social media. Our service includes managing your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and ensure that your posts are being sponsored in targeting your target audience based on their age, gender, geographical locations, qualifications and interests.


Social Media Management

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

LinkedIn Ads

SEO and Google Ads

E-mail Marketing