How it all Happened!
Modern History

Our Story

MAVOP was founded in 2012 by a group of passionate marketers and graphic designers to help entrepreneurs and start-ups to create their digital branding at afforable rates. 

MAVOP went public with a strict  Price Ceiling policy for Entrepreneurs at $1,350 for Web Design and Development. MAVOP vowed that it will always put entrepreneurs as a priority in an effort to help our Kingdom and the future of its Economy. 

The concept was a huge success in the GCC in our first year and as a result, we are proudly developed over 30 Websites, 18 Digital Marketing Campaign, 12 Email Marketing Campaigns, 15 Branding Schemes and served solutions to over 40 clients.



Our clients are our friends. We might be aware that this concept is too euphoric for many businesses but its the truth and we have our client to testify!

First, we sincerely care about our client’s success and we take pride that MAVOP was a contributor to it. On a business level, more success to our clients means more demands which will reflect on our long-term business relationships and how MAVOP can satisfy and fulfil their needs.

Second, our love to the Kingdom of Bahrain is eternal and this is the least we could do to its entrepreneurs that seek the nation’s economic well-being.

Our Work Process

We approach each project with the required care and attention that it deserves. We engage with our clients throughout all phases of the project to ensure that they are happy every step of the way. Our process is based on consultation. We provide the clients our expertise and try to evaluate all their requirements to define the scope of the project.

We define MAVOP with our motto “ not a company, a concept” which helps us serve our clients with a conceptual framework rather than a business nature.